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ADRPATIENTS is a full service secure patient portal providing patients with

Online Appointments, Medical document storage with e-signature, & Medical Information from Doctors 

Qualified Doctors

All of the physician profiles are of Practicing physicians, and have been verifed. Our system was designed and developed by physicians. Rest assured you are searching verifed physician profiles, who have medical licenses to practice medicine and not just pay a monthly fee, to an online service.


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Get fast, realiabile medical information regarding your condition. All our medical information is reviewed by practicing physicans. 


Medical Counseling

Connect with World renowned physicians from around the country! Great for second opinion expert consults. Connect remotely using our secure Tele-Health Platform!


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ADRPatients helps patients find doctors who speak their preferred language, are nearby, It has a great scheduling feature to help manage patient appointments.Finally a patient portal build by practicing doctors!
Keeping my patients healthy involves more then just great clinical skills. It involves being accessable to my patients, informing my patients with health education,  and minimizing inconvenience brought on by paperwork. It involves securely sending forms,  E-signing  documents,  and getting  reports and labwork results, quickly and easily.  I can do all this through ADRPatients.
ADRPatients helps doctors, provide health information to their patients. I love how my patients can get medical information about their condition for a trusted source. Knowing that my patients are getting health information from a trusted source, facilitates good decisions about their health. That is important to me.
ADRPatients helps you connect with World Renowned Doctors. Get Expert 2nd Opinions, Make medical decisons based on the latest and most uptodate information.

What patients say About PatientPortal

Love It! Great way to integrate my healthcare documents

  • ADRPatients helps stream line the paper work involved in running a practice. This patient portal is a great way to share forms and get reports with my patients.

    I love the E-signature feature built into the messaging system

    John Shepard
  • An easy and convenient way to find great doctors, who speak my language and are nearby!

    Samuel Vimes